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Agibank’s credit concession via app beats record, growing 582%

With a safe and fast operation, the customer can enroll in personal and payroll loans via the APP within 3 minutes.


São Paulo, June 12, 2023 – With the further and continuous digital advance of the banking sector, the digital banking is taking more and more market space. At Agibank, the acquisition of products via the application broke record in May and represented a growth of 582% compared to the same period last year. “The credit acquisition went through a big simplification process with the advancement of technology in recent years, which promoted even more convenience and safety for costumers to enroll in financial services where they feel most comfortable,” highlights Matheus Girardi, Clients & Products Officer of the organization.

Formerly, to get a credit approval – regardless of purpose – copies of proof of residence, monthly income, several authenticated documents were needed, in addition to a huge amount of time available to come and go to branches, until the loan was approved. Nowadays, Agi’s customers have the possibility of buying our products in less than 3 minutes, fully digitally, without the need of going to the hub to sign.

When accessing the app, one chooses the desired loan option and, from there, some contract options are presented, according to their financial history. “After selecting the best offer, the client will verify their bank data and then perform the Face Match, an identity verification technology using artificial intelligence, making an inspection of a selfie with the image of a document, analyzing personal characteristics present in the face,” details Girardi. With this step approved, the contractual summary is presented, with all the operational details – total value, amount released, IOF, taxes, number of installments, total and monthly value of installments, date of the first and the last installment, besides the terms and conditions of the contract. Lastly, the registered security password is requested to complete the process.

Also, according to Agi’s Clients & Products Officer, a new loan option has been released gradually and is now accessible to all customers. “The ease in contracting products is the main differential of our app, which has gained more and more people’s trust. We know we are in the right way to keep growing with relationship and scale when our customers hire again via application,” emphasizes.

Democratizing Brazilians’ access to financial services has always been the central pillar of action of Agibank, that was born with the purpose to make people’s day to day better, generating financial and digital inclusion for all. That’s why, the company’s target market are registered workers and individuals with lower income – That represents more than 100 million people in the country who are not assisted in a satisfactory way by the big companies.

As a large part of this audience still needs support to enjoy the ease of digital channels and have faster and easier access to financial services that can improve everyday life, Agi counts with an operation that unites physical and digital, that guarantees a complete digital bank platform and almost 900 physical hubs around all the country.

For Glauber Correa, the company’s CEO, the inclusion happens from financial and digital education, as such, the institution believes the in-person assistance is still very important. “Our hubs work as gateways to the virtual world, and, for that reason, we keep betting on the ‘face to face’ to reach those who really need a closer service and to efficiently help people who still require support when carrying out a digital operation,” explains the executive.

Complementing the CEO’s speech, Matheus Girardi reinforces that it is not possible to grow with only digitally or via hub. “We need to be where our customer prefers to use. Therefore, we are betting and investing more and more in different service channels so that people are served in whatever way they feel most comfortable. Our customers can contact us via telephone, chat, app, WhatsApp, video calls with sign language, social media and we still have room to reach 1.400 hubs in Brazil’’, he concludes.