Investor Relations


Board of Directors Advisory Committees

The company’s Board of Directors, in performing its functions, counts on the assistance of advisory committees, composed of members of the Board of Directors, Agibank executives and external members with renowned experience in specific areas, enabling in-depth analysis and discussion of the matters under the competence of each committee.

Risks Committee

The Risk Committee is an advisory collegiate body to the Board of Directors and has specific advisory attributions and competence to ensure the governance of the risk área in relation to the fulfillment of the set objectives , indicators, and budgets, the adherence of the process to the operational, quantitative and qualitative risk policies, as well as Agibank’s Compliance policies and rules.


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People Committee

The People Committee reports to the Board of Directors and its purpose is to ensure that strategic decisions are made about people and culture for all Agibank employees. Among several agendas it is up to the committee, for example, to evaluate short and long-term incentive policies, executive compensation and succession plan for strategic positions. 


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Ethics and Conduct Committee

The Ethics and Conduct Committee has specific advisory attributions and competence to ensure conduct and ethics in Agibank’s activities. The committee acts independently and reports directly to the Board of Directors, playing an important role in evaluating compliance with the Code of Conduct and may deliberate on consequence management, based on evidence identified in the investigation processes it conducts. 


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Brand Committee

The Brand Committee reports to the Board of Directors and has the purpose of ensuring Agibank Brand Management and compliance with the directly related objectives, improvement mechanisms, control, monitoring and adherence to the Brand Management Policy.


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Assets, Liabilities and Liquidity Committee

The Assets, Liabilities and Liquidity Committee discusses matters related to asset and liability management strategy, as well as liquidity management, deadlinemismatch and rate mismatch. The committee has specific advisory attributions and competence to ensure the adequacy of the asset and liability strategies before the objective of the board and the limits imposed by the RAS.


Audit Committee

The Agibank Audit Committee advises the Board of Directors, ensuring greater reliability of the financial statements by monitoring internal and external audits, supervising management processes and internal controls, reinforcing a culture of ethics and transparency. Some of the duties that this committee is responsible for: Providing accounts for independent audit services, evaluating the effectiveness of independent and internal audits and evaluating management’s compliance with recommendations made by independent or internal auditors, among others.


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Executive Board of Officers Advisory Committees

The Executive Board of Officers advisory committees have the objective of evaluating and discussing specific issues within their scope in order to facilitate the Executive Board’s strategic decision-making. Agibank’s committees are established by their respective Internal Regulations.

Credit Committee

The Credit Committee deliberates on matters related to the institution’s credit granting, collection, collection and fraud prevention policies. It has specific attributions of advising, proposing and guarding the compliance with the risk appetite of the institution regarding the credit cycle, aiming at ensuring the quality of the portfolio with selectivity, risk diversification and profitability.


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Products Committee

The main responsibility of the Products Committee is to advise and ensure the governance of the products area in relation to the construction and maintenance of new products and services. It ensures that the entire portfolio developed is aligned with the company’s economic and strategic interests, appropriate to the customer profile, and consistent from the regulatory point of view. This committee also monitors and debates all product performance indicators and recommends action plans and studies for continuous portfolio improvement. 


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Customers Committee

The main responsibilities of the Customers Committee are to discuss issues related to the policy of performance and customer relations, monitor satisfaction and efficiency indicators in all service channels. The committee’s advisory services are focused on making recommendations regarding the business plan for new products or changes that impact the day-by-day lives of Agibank’s customers.


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