Investor Relations

Agibank concludes its third issuance of Public Financial Bills

The issuance volume was BRL 300 million, and the operation was liquidated on September 29


São Paulo, September 29, 2023 – Agibank announces its third issuance of Public Financial Bills, with total volume of BRL 300 million. There was high demand for the bills, with total orders representing almost 2x the book’s volume, which resulted in a reduction of 10 bps from the operation’s ceiling interest rate, and with good diversification of the investor base, attracting investment funds, treasuries, and other institutional investors.

The funds will be destined to the bank’s operations, diversification of its funding portfolio and to scale credit operations, among other uses, corroborating with its strategy of high growth with sustainability.

The Financial Bills have 2 years term to maturity and the issuing had Bradesco BBI as lead coordinator and Banco ABC as coordinating bank. The offer was attributed the Long-Term National Rating ‘A-.bra’ by Moody’s Local.

“The Financial Bills issuing is an important step for our funding portfolio’s health. This is our third issuance of Public Financial Bills, and this recurrence keeps us close to the market and deepens our relationship with relevant players, which will contribute for our next issuances. Furthermore, it is a way to diversify our funding, which allows us to keep scaling our credit operations, which continues to grow above the market’s average”, comments Thiago Aor, Agibank’s Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer.

The offer’s terms and conditions are disclosed in the Essential Information Document (“DIE”), which can be accessed via this link (Portuguese only).