Investor Relations

Agibank wins Abrasca 2023 award for best annual report

Following criteria of transparency, quality and innovation, the award recognizes the best annual results reports for Brazillian companies.


Last friday (15), Agibank was awarded first place in the 25th edition of Abrasca’s Best Annual Report Awards, in the category of Unlisted Companies, for its 2022 Integrated Report.

The award carried out by the Brazilian Association of Public Companies (ABRASCA), in partnership with B3, highlights the best Annual Reports and corporate reporting practices in Brazil. The award has an educational nature, with the purpose of encouraging the improvement of reporting with greater transparency, clarity, quality of information and innovative nature – not only in the expository presentation, but also in the graphic design.

The Integrated Report reinforces Agibank’s commitment to transparency, presenting the entire configuration of the operation and the company’s future vision, in addition to disclosing the projects implemented during the year and the performance indicators.

“We are very proud to see our company be recognized by an award like ABRASCA, competing alongside other large organizations. We have increasingly evolved in transparency and governance practices, pillars that we value and are part of our culture”, says Felipe Gaspar Oliveira, Investor Relations Manager at Agibank.

In this edition, reports from more than 120 companies were registered and evaluated, including public and private companies and non-business organizations. The awards ceremony took place on December 15, 2023, at Arena B3 in São Paulo, and Agibank was represented by the Investor Relations Supervisor, Cassiano Tramontin.