Investor Relations

Agibank celebrates a R$ 40 billion funding deal for the next 6 years with a global bank

Campinas, May 20, 2024 – After disclosing impressive results in the first quarter of 2024, with a ROE above 42%, Agibank announces a strategic partnership with a global bank of up to R$ 40 billion in funding in order to further enhance its growth with the issuance of a variety of securities until 2030.

For Glauber Corrêa, CEO of Agibank, this agreement will allow the bank to ensure adequate sources of funding for the medium and long terms, aligned with the expected growth of the credit portfolio, which will contribute to robust and consistent development over time.

“We are very excited! This partnership represents an essential support for our expansion plans, as it will further improve our strategy of diversifying funding sources and hence will expand our capacity to offer innovative and high-quality financial services, expanding the reach of our operation and directly benefiting our customers”, explains the CEO.

Furthermore, this agreement between the two financial institutions reinforces the potential for strategic collaborations in the financial sector, stimulating economic development and innovation in Brazil.