Operational Preview 1Q21

Releasing the new investments platform



São Paulo, April 19, 2021 – Banco Agibank S.A. (“Bank” or “Agibank”), a customer-obstinate digital bank offering solutions to improve and facilitate people’s daily and financial lives, announces its first quarter 2021 operational preview (1Q21). The following information is preliminary, unaudited and subject to revision.











Release of Agibank’s Investments Platform

A newly developed APP to complement the financial ecosystem in our platforms, way beyond banking

The digital bank Agibank has launched the beta version of its investments platform, a complete portfolio of products for fixed income, securities, investment funds and government bonds. All of this to amplify even more the value offer to clients and advance in the construction of complete synergy for financial and non-financial solutions.

The platform will be an important step to address the deposits line in Agibank’s liabilities and improve leverage capacity, acting as a service provider for this new ecosystem, which is being built completely outside the bank’s structure. “It truly is a digital platform business, in which Agibank will provide financial services and solutions, alongside other companies and sellers of non-financial products. This way, we will boost the rate of digital account openings end-to-end, being an important strategic complement to expand our value proposition to all customer profiles, including legal entities, starting from our current base. We are also entering the retail investments market, which we plan to decentralize, reaching the pockets currently held by the big five Brazilian banks, bringing the same experience and pro-customer attitude that made us achieve 74 NPS to our future investors”, emphasizes Marciano Testa, Agibank’s CEO.

Besides the new investment products themselves, that broaden Agibank’s portfolio, the online platform will offer all necessary user support, answering to all needs that more experienced clients as well as newer ones may have. Without charging fees, this solution is integrated to the bank’s checking accounts service,  also free of maintenance fees. “The platform will be very important for us to amplify our relationship to our current and future clients, who until until now were limiteD to our CDs. This will contribute to attracting new profiles of investors to the bank, besides adding more demand deposits and reducing our funding costs in the long term”, comments Thiago Souza, Agibank’s CFO.

The platform will be available to the market in the beginning of the second half of 2021, already integrated to this new ecosystem. Until then, it will be tested to qualify the user experience and usability of the virtual space. “We are a payroll institution, which gives us the possibility of controlling the outflow of funds as we offer investment options to all types of clients”, adds Thiago.

“Transparency and information are crucial for this new stage in Agibank’s journey. That’s why we start releasing operational previews to our clients and shareholders, every quarter”, comments Marciano. He adds:”We’re very satisfied with the first quarter’s results. We finished 2.9 million clients and a 104.7% increase in account holders with salary. We have 723 hubs throughout Brazil, 128 more than March 2020, assisting in transitioning people from the physical to the digital world.

Other highlights were the NPS (Net Promoter Score) of 74 in March, much higher than the average of the Brazilian banking industry, and the digital engagement index among 50+ year old clients of 45%, against the financial market’s average of 8%. The origination of credit also surpassed R$ 1.1 billion in the first quarter, which represents growth of 48.4% per day compared to the same period of the previous year.