Agibank announces HypeFlame

The new tech company begins with 400 professionals, R$ 200 million in revenues and 100 job openings


São Paulo, December 2020 – Agibank has just announced the creation of its newest company: HypeFlame. The business, which will be completely independently managed, starts with almost 400 professionals, annual revenue of R$ 200 million and comes to propel the important role of technology in the bank’s business, while providing the structure necessary for many other initiatives that incorporate the institution’s strategic planning for the following years.

While for the financial market and big retailers the tendency has been acquiring tech companies to strengthen their processes, Agibank decided it was time to make use of its expertise in order to create a brand-new company. “In our journey we have made sizeable investments in developing scalable technologies and digital experiences that have made us realize we are able to go further and place HypeFlame as a relevant player in this market. The new company comes with full capability of fulfilling Agibank’s conglomerate’s current and future needs, while still providing products for third parties along the way”, comments Marciano Testa, CEO of Agibank and investor in the new business.

The inspiration for the brand HypeFlame comes from the belief that the mastery of fire transformed the human species, and that technology is the fire of the 21st century, with great potential of positively impacting people’s lives and society. It will have a broad influence within Agibank, being responsible for the bank’s infrastructure and technological         architecture, data engineering, transformation of the banking core, evolution of solutions for channels, bank accounts, payments, credit operations, investments, and especially Big Data.

The company looks to increase the attraction of talents in the sector and tech communities. “We already are a reference in multichannel architecture, open API, cybersecurity and data, and with HypeFlame we will accelerate investments in these areas and gain in specialization, for attending Agibank as much as bringing our products to market. Our goal is to transcend the financial industry as an attractive tech employer, and we consider the possibility of new acquisitions as an option to accelerate our growth”, points Fernando Castro, who leads HypeFlame after more than three years as Agibank’s Technology Officer.

From the get-go, the new company announces 100 job openings for those who wish to be a flame, as the new employees are called. And for those who expect a traditional hiring process with interviews and exams, or offer is different: select people through automated technical evaluations online and high quality in-house courses mentored by our current team members. “From the very start we wish to bring professionals with entrepreneurial attitude, dedicated to searching for knowledge and being protagonists of their careers. This is the spirit of our flames”, Castro adds.

To learn more about HypeFlame and know the available opportunities for mobile software engineers, full stack and front end, cloud architects, data engineers, testers, POs and UI designers, among other positions, access