Management with sound experience in the sector and high governance standards

Our executive officers have vast experience in the banking sector, including technical and local market knowledge, which have contributed to our growth. We have developed a strong corporate and professional structure with a team of highly qualified executives who combine their experiences in the financial market and technology. Additionally, we adopt best corporate governance practices, including structures dedicated to internal controls, internal audit, compliance and risk management. Our application to be listed in the Level 1 segment of the B3, including compliance with a number of corporate governance requirements, including independent directors, tag along rights for all our preferred shareholders and the establishment of an audit committee, evidences our continuous commitment to high corporate governance standards and our respect towards our shareholders. We will continue to invest in internal integrity mechanisms and procedures, our ombudsman and the enforcement of our code of ethics and conduct. Our employees are highly skilled and have access to an extensive in-house education and training program. We seek to attract and retain talent and experienced, skilled, engaged and motivated professionals, and we offer a number of programs in order to ensure we do so.